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Kristin Hollis


Kristin Hollis was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, growing up in Venezuela, Holland and England.
1964 - graduated BA (Hons) in Typography, Graphic Design and Printmaking (majoring in lithography).
1964-67 - London, working in publishing for Victor Gollancz Ltd, London Zoo Publications, & as personal assistant to the Art Director of Thames & Hudson.
1968 - came to New Zealand.
1968-1986 - busy with family and community, and intermittent graphic design work.
Mid-1980’s - prize-winner at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, and exhibitor at the Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, where she had 3 solo show by the mid-1990’s.
Became involved in fabric work, specifically using resist dyes on fabrics uch as silk. First Prize and National Winner of Craft Dyers’ Guild Award for work with silk.
Very involved with early days of Wearable Art Show; Overall Prize Winner (jointly with Deborah McFarlane).
1994 one of three WOW judges.
Relief tutoring (drawing and design) at Nelson School of Art, NMIT.

1992 - met John Firth-Smith (NZ/Australian Sydney-based painter) who advised Kristin to do a masters degree in painting. Later that year interviewed Bob Boynes, HOD of painting at ANU (Canberra), and Michael Dunn at Elam - both encouraging.
1995 - applied to Ilam, and in 1996 went back to art school.
1997 - graduated BFA (First Class Honours) in Painting
1998 - graduated MFA (Distinction) in Painting

2001 - two exhibitions at CoCA: Headline (series of charcoal drawings of heads, all 500 x 500 mm), and Stuff, a collection of small oil paintings.
2002 - Steve Hollis was becoming obviously unwell. This became our lives until 2004.
An exhibition had been promised the Suter Gallery, and in 2002 it became imperative to do as many drawings of Steve as time would allow. These resulted in the exhibition Close (22 large charcoal on paper drawings), first shown in the Suter Gallery in mid-2002. It was seen in that space by Grant Banbury, who insisted on re-showing that whole series later in the year, in the Campbell Grant Gallery in Christchurch.
2003 - awarded the CoCA/Anthony Harper Travelling Prize.
2004 - Steve died.
2005 - awarded the Cranleigh Barton Drawing Prize (having been a previous runner-up).
2006 - showed the exhibition Cat Farming at CoCA. This was a very large collection of charcoal on paper drawings (as Close) but of widely divergent sizes, from very, very small to metres large. Felicity Milburn, as curator, selected approx three-fifths of the total, to occupy both the Mair and North galleries (whole of the second floor).
Joined the Brooke Gifford Gallery.

2006 – 2010 - three exhibitions at Judith Gifford’s gallery, and a finalist twice in the Anthony Harper Awards.
2010 - Small Stuff - small group of small oil paintings at the Brooke Gifford, cut short by the September eathquake. Big Stuff - very large exhibition of large (to extremely large) drawings at CoCA, scheduled to be hung the day of the September 2010 quake, but which opened later.
2011 - the February earthquake, which destroyed both Kristin’s home and workplace, and the beginning of the Survival Kit series, which started with one HB pencil, a rubber and sketch pad (found at a dairy that had managed to get back in business within days of the quake; all other materials were either lost or inaccessible in the remains of the studio). The Survival Kit are drawings of items/objects which had perforce become essential either to physical or emotional survival post-quake, and which commenced as quite small images to eventually be very large images when the series finished in 2014.
These were shown almost as they were executed in stages:
- at the opening exhibition of Chambers Gallery in 2012.
- in West Australia at Mandurah (part of a travelling exhibition curated by Christchurch Art Gallery).
- two of the drawings were exhibited outside the Art Gallery on Montreal Street in the Gallery’s Outer Spaces programme.
2012 - the Nic Drawings, shown at Papergraphica alongside work by Martin Whitworth; full exhibition title: the Nic Drawings – Modern Pain (a price of life).
2013 - Warren Feeney Portraits, Papergraphica.
2014 - Passenger exhibition at Chambers Gallery - a collection of mostly large to very large drawings, which also included the last of the Survival Kit work.
2014 - joined Jonathan Smart Gallery, and showed 4 small work in Choice (the end of year group show).
2015 - Painting, solo exhibition at Jonathan Smart. All oil paintings on canvas, marking a significant transition.