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Where can I look for support under the new disability system?

12/11/18 · Posted in Uncategorized

To properly take advantage of the new disability support system you need to be informed. Mana Whaikaha, which has been in place in the MidCentral region of the North Island since October 1, 2018, intends to give disabled people and their whānau power in their lives, and control over the support available to them. But to do this ...

Disability support New Zealand: What do the changes mean?

12/11/18 · Posted in Uncategorized

Disability support in New Zealand is changing. From October 1st 2018, a prototype for a system known as Mana Whaikaha has been in operation in the MidCentral region of North Island, one which aims to give disabled people and their whānau greater control over their lives, and the support available to them. However, if you're used to life ...

Welfare Reform; Real change or tilting at windmills?

We have been a little quiet on welfare reform recently, apart from a release on Allowances last week. This is because we have been carefully watching and analysing the changes. The recent reforms are significant, but perhaps not as much as first thought. Changing names and bringing in work obligations will not get more people ...